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Publishing a website online has never been easier. With the new SiteBuilder offered free of charge for every shared web hosting plan, you get professional solutions with just a few clicks.

Static websites

SitePad uses static HTML, CSS, JS pages for your website, that it will run at high speeds


All pages created are optimized in terms of both response and display times, whether the site is accessed from a desktop or mobile device.

Drag and Drop Editor

Using only the basic functionality of a mouse, all the graphic elements on the page can be changed: image size, paragraph structure, or the position of media files.

Design Flexibility

Over 535 graphic themes are available to you, covering a wide range of categories, such as blogging, business, portfolio, restaurants, travel and more.

Social Media Platforms

Online socializing has become indispensable for an online business. The application allows you to automatically integrate Facebook and Twitter accounts into the website

Media Integration

The Sitebuilder offers the possibility to insert videos and audio files directly from the local storage, or insert them via embed HTML code

Multiple Websites

Whether we are talking about implementing on one domain, or on several, with SitePad you can install different themes for each domain, without the need to purchase a new hosting package.

Contact page

Contact with your website visitors has never been easier. Integrating a contact form is just a matter of a few clicks!


The application includes a collection of over 40 Widgets that contain elements of both functionality and graphic design..


For more details on SitePad features and a tutorial on how to use it, please accessthe article Creating a website in 3 simple steps

Examples of websites built in Sitepad